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ReactJS is an open source, it is a js library created by Facebook for affluent and attractive web apps fast and systematic with least programming. Its key advantage is rather than working on the whole application, Developers can simply shatter UI into single components.Basically, it focuses on individual components.

Why prefer ReactJS over others?

It uses a different syntax that allows repetition of HTML codes and HTML tag syntax application for passing specific sub-component called as JSX. It is easy and flexible to use.

While working on React JS app Development, one can take all content that can change components while performing the application and keep it in a single segment(state). With the help of that state, a single app becomes very easy to use as all the details are found in that one segment.

It provides virtual DOM making the application run faster. React js is flexible to use or work on any type of tools,  which one wants to use for storing, fetching and updating data. It provides the function of re-usability,  one can use the same component many times. It is testable, whereas their components and behavior can be tested on the base of different inputs.


Many big Firms use this to solve the UI associated issues. e.g.: Paypal, Instagram, Twitter, and Airbnb. It provides the services of javascript which can easily create new UI features which can be performed in real time. It provides a state that makes possible to save all the change in one segment.