Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer – Electroplasma

104 Acme Industrial Park, I. B. Patel Rd, Goregaon East, Mumbai - 400063, India.

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The Electro Plasma name is synonymous with high-quality welding and our Air Plasma Cutting Machines are no exception. From plasma cutting Technology to our patented safety indicators, we add plenty of value features to its plasma cutting products, leading the industry in innovation. And our extended parts and labor warranty is a guarantee that you’ll get everything you’d expect from the welding experts.

  • No need of oxy/fuel for cutting ferrous and non –ferrous metal
  • Doubles the speed at half the cost
  • No heat effect zone, no distortion.
  • No cumbersome fuel ignition, preheat flame adjustment.

  No, preheat Time or oxygen adjustment required.

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