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Livehomeois a guide to all your health related queries. Get complete guidanceand free tips for all your health and beauty problems from ourexperts. Follow our simple yet most effective home remedies andhomeopathy tips to get desired results.

Homeopathy is a natural and holistic way of treating several diseases starting from acute illnesses like cold, flu, viral fevers to chronic diseases like Arthritishypertension, Alzheimer’s disease and so on. Homeopathy was first introduced by Samuel Hahnemann a German physician as a system of alternative treatment (natural therapy) at the end of 18th century. Homeopathy mainly depends on the idea Like Cures Like i.e. if a substance that can produce disease in a healthy person, that can be used as a healing response in sick person presenting with a similar disease”. According to homeopathy when a person gets sick his whole body like mind, body and spirit gets affected and homeopathy not just focuses on treating the particular illness but believes to treat an individual as whole. Homeopathy treats illnesses by enhancing the body’s normal healing and self regulatory processes i.e. immune system. Homeopathy uses pills and liquid mixtures made of natural substances in the treatment which are extracted from plants, vegetables, animal based and also other natural minerals. As these homeopathic remedies are natural, they are mild, safe, effective, non toxic and have no adverse side effects when compared to other conventional treatments. Homeopathy treatment is suitable for all age groups from children to elders and it is also safe for conceived women.