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The Nawabs of Awadh shared a princely lineage during the times gone by in the India glorious past. In the annals of history, besides the lineage of the Mughal rulers, the Nawabs are said to have lived an aristocratic and noble life. In the latter half of the 19th century, even though the institution of Nawab of Awadh faded, the talukadaar of the region preserved the essence of the Nawabs. Further, this period saw the renaissance of culinary traditions. It was a golden era of North India cuisine.

The tradition of ‘Dum’ cuisine came to its being in 18th century Awadh. The story is when famine had ravaged the state. Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah initiated a food for work programme for construction of Bara Imambara. The food cooked here for the workers caught the Nawab’s attention as it had splendid aroma due to slow cooking (Dum). By the order of the Nawab, the ‘dumned’ cuisine was perfected for the royal table. Later, exotic dishes were evolved, in which flavors and fragrances were intermingled with exquisite results.

‘Dum’ means to breath in and ‘Pukht’ to cook. The Qureshis were butchers and cooks to Awadhi nobility. They had worked for rulers like the Raja of Mehmoodabad and the Raja of Jahangirabad. Ever since then, heritage cuisines of the Qureshis have been synonymous with the good eating for over 200 years. A great deal of time and effort has been spent by them in researching and developing cuisines from different corners of the vast Indian Sub-continent. The same legacy has been carried on at the Pukhtaan

At Pukhtaan, we are not just a cuisine but an experience that goes beyond the mere satisfaction of appetite to the realm of sensuality – an evocative presentation of aromas, flavors and texture. We celebrate and honor extraordinary chefs and authentic flavors from the kitchens of the Awadh Nawabs that have made Pukhtaan a legendary culinary destination.

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