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Birth certificate attestation and it is a sub category of non educational certificate attestation. A Birth Certificate is a vital document that signifies the birth of a child and it used to certify the circumstances of a birth. Attestation granted on birth certificate falls under the non educational certificate attestation. A birth certificate attestation is quit necessary procedure before one applying for his/her kid’s admission in schools abroad. Authentication of birth certificate signifies the trustworthy of the date of birth.

Destination country’s embassy orconsulate will execute the whole procedures of attestation. They will imprinttheir official seal or signature to the certificate and which will improve the authenticityof the birth certificate. The attestation procedure is necessary in every internationalcommunication and birth certificate attestation is required only for minorpersons who plans to shift in abroad. Because birth certificate is the prime orforemost certificate of every person. Birth certificate attestation will helpthe immigrant to catch their international opportunities and needs.

The Birth certificateattestation required many purposes like

  • ·        To join in a foreign university
  • ·        To obtain an international schooladmission in abroad.
  • ·        For migration purposes.

Obtain a birth certificateattestation is not an easy procedure because it will include so many legalprocesses. For getting good attestation the applicant should follow all thosesteps seriously.

Documents needed forapplying birth certificate attestation

  • ·        Original birth certificate
  • ·        Visa copy
  • ·        Passport copy
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