Best Web Hosting Providers in India

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Best Web Hosting Providers in India

As a business owner, having a presence online is critical to business growth and expansion. A stable online presence opens your business to the world and helps your business attract local and international opportunities. However, it is not enough to just have a strong brand online, you need to establish your brand on a platform you can trust to deliver the most value and the most competitive rates.

We Suggest HostGator & InMotion Web Hosting Companies to customers in India.

We took our time and carefully searched online to find hosting companies that have the best ratings in terms of service, pricing, ease of installation, security, support and storage capacity. The hosting companies selected were rated based on the above parameters because these parameters are important to any business but, we focused on each company’s service strong points to help you see the best option for your business at a glance.


There is a reason why this hosting company is on practically every list available online.

Installation and Bandwidth Storage

Apart from the fact that it offers easy, 0ne-click installation, it also allows users to own unlimited email accounts and they provide unmetered disk space plus unlimited bandwidth. Creating your own website or blog also becomes much simplified with HostGator. There are hundreds of drag and drop templates that come for free when you sign up for this hosting service and it comes as cheap as $2.99.

E-commerce Support

HostGator also supports ecommerce and this is something that can easily boost the sales of any business. This means that you can start your online shop anytime you want. HostGator promises round-the-clock support so it does not really matter what time zone you are on. You can get answers to your questions as quickly as possible. The company is reputed as having reliable customer support services. The hosting service uses c-panel, an easy-to-use control panel; this means that you don’t need to have a background in rocket science to get your business online. HostGator provides a lot of real-time and pre-configured support processes to make the use of their service easy even for a newbie.


HostGator tops plenty lists as having 99.99 percent uptime. This means that the chances of your business website becoming unresponsive and unreachable is drastically low. This is good news for any business that operates in real-time.

Money-back Guarantee

HostGator gives users up to 45 days to test their hosting service. During this refund grace period, users can ask for a full refund if their expectations are not met.

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There’s a lot to love about Inmotion – from the unlimited disk space to its entry point price of $3.94/month but, what really makes this hosting company worthy of our list?


What makes Inmotion stand out is the fact that they provide SSL security and offer protection against hack. This is especially essential for businesses that require money transactions on their website or businesses that use their website to collect personal information and other confidential data.

SSD Storage and Business-grade Hosting

Having SSD storage means that your content loads faster than websites using hard disk drives. Inmotion offers business hosting and they have an A+ review from Better Business Bureau. You get free domain for 1 year with unlimited business emails for your business


Inmotion has an average uptime of 99.7 percent and their fast-load time is favorable to their clients in terms of lower bounce rates, higher google algorithm placements, better search engine visibility and better website attractiveness.

Support Services

Inmotion consistently gets 5 stars from its customers in the area of support. Their tech support staff are known to reply within seconds – which is way faster than most hosting companies offer in terms of response rate.

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Yes…you read that right. Inmotion gives you double the grace period of HostGator and allows you try out their service for 3 months for reseller and VPS hosting options but their grace period for shared hosting services is 30 days (which is still not bad in our books). This way you are not put under pressure to test out the company’s services. You get a long period of time to verify if it can dutifully serve your business needs and if it does not get the job done, you are free to cancel and ask for a full refund.

C-Panel Platform and Free File Transfer

Like other renowned hosting companies, Inmotion uses c-panel on its platform. Businesses also get the chance to migrate from their previous hosting company to Inmotion for free

E-commerce Support

Inmotion’s partnership with leading ecommerce service sites makes it easy for you to process payments quickly and successfully on their platform. You can integrate payment processors easily and get your store up and running in no time

Free Data Backup and Easy Google Apps Integration

Another advantage that distinguishes Inmotion from many competitors is that they provide free backup services up to 10G of backup space. There are no hidden fees and no ridiculous conditions. Integrating Google Apps is also easy and fast with Inmotion three-step integration process.

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