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Posted By Applied Surgicals on 03-11-2016
Surgical Instruments: General product info:

Surgical instruments are tools or devices that perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping, holding, retracting, or suturing. Most surgical instruments are made from stainless steel and others are made of metals, like titanium, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum depending on the instrument being made.

Our surgical instruments are made from 100% steels to ensure highest quality and impeccable functionality. These instruments are fully guaranteed for the quality of material and workmanship and has been subjected to an established quality control process that consists of a comprehensive product inspection that verifies the form, fit, and function of all the instruments.

High quality surgical instruments are typically made from surgical grade stainless steel (i.e., 410, 420 etc.). The grade varies by manufacturer, by type of instrument and on customer’s request. For example, a scissor may be fabricated of 420 stainless steel to enable the blades to be hardened adequately for long life. Forceps on the other hand usually does not require the same hardness, and may be fabricated from a 410 grade.

Malleable retractors are made of yet another grade. The grade of stainless steel selected for specific instruments is critical for long serviceability. The grade of steel reflects its hardness and its resistance to corrosion. Unfortunately, there is an inverse relationship, that is, the more the steel can be hardened, the more its likely to corrode.

 Our Forceps and Scissors are made of the finest stainless steel, processed to obtain optimum corrosion resistance finish, resilience and strength. We continually strive to improve our products.

Instruments with TC (Tungsten Carbide)

   Tungsten Carbide is five (5) times harder than the Stainless Steel. Which is why Scissors, Needle Holders and Wire Cutters with Tungsten Carbide last much longer than one’s containing Stainless Steel. Hence why our TC containing Scissors, Wire Cutters, Needle holders etc. life are guaranteed for many years.

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Surgical Instruments: General product info:

Surgical instruments are tools or devices that perform such functions as cutting, dissecting, grasping,

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