Paycheck or Passion: Which One You Need to Choose?

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Posted By Axpert Hosting Directory on 02-03-2018
Paycheck or Passion: Which One You Need to Choose?

As per statistics, about 70 to 80% US workers are not happy with their jobs. The reason behind is that they are not able to have any control over their job conditions. They first joined jobs for few extrinsic reasons and then had a fear to make the transition. The ultimate result is that today they do not find any positive motivation for the work they are doing. People are getting paid, and even highly paid, so they are losing motivation to take a shift towards their dream career.

We belong to a generation where we have limited hours to enjoy as all of them are occupied with work. Most of us are going to spend whole life earning more and more but after retirement, a thought comes to every mind what if I would have chased my passion? May be I could have satisfaction along with money. And this thought makes everything look shady and colorless. There is no doubt that passion brings satisfaction to our life but only if you follow it in right way. Experts say that if you choose your dream career then also you can make huge income because it is something you would love to do by heart. And when we are involved in certain work with high motivation then it naturally provides great results.

But the common mistake we all do in our young days is that we choose a job by looking at its paychecks. And then we keep on running behind those paychecks the whole of the life instead of thinking about how satisfied we are with what we are doing.

1. Convert your passion into the rich source of income:
May be most of you may feel it impossible because the path of passion has so many difficulties. We pick our job by thinking about our financial needs and then the list of responsibilities goes on. But if you are determined by your passion then it can be converted into a highly paid profession. Today, technology has revolutionized and everyone can get an opportunity to prove his abilities. You can even work as a freelancer and get good payments for what you love to do.

2. It demands sacrifice:
If someone loves acting it doesn’t mean that he/she should directly go to Hollywood. Passion is not about rainbows and unicorns, it demands sacrifice. You need to work hard and make true efforts for practicing things to get perfection. It is important to focus on the development of skills in the right direction.

3. Life is too short to be boring:
We are not born to earn paychecks, pay the bill and then die. If we
keep on working just for money then life will soon become so draining and
tiring. However, the word‘passion’ these days is being misunderstood or over
used but remember that it is not irrelevant. You may take so many risks in
whole life achieve high paychecks as well as to build a life of passion but at
the end only one thing matters: how much happy and satisfied you are. And the
satisfaction only follows passion .
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